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This material is based upon work supported by the STC Program of the National Science Foundation under agreement ATM-0120950, NSF grant ATM-0900920, and under NASA grant NNX09AI63G.

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You can check out the organization of the Wiki here. Here it is, in brief:

News and updates

  • 2014.05.xx - Congratulations to Kyle Van Zuiden for graduating with his bachelor's degree!
  • 2013.05.xx - Congratulations to Shree Bhattarai for graduating with his Ph.D.! He will now be working as the UTA Department of Physics Teaching Lab Supervisor!
  • 2013.04.26 - Congratulations to Shree Bhattarai, Cezanne Narcisse, and Aaron Baca for their 2012-2013 Department of Physics awards! (more details on the Awards Page)
  • 2013.03.12 - The wiki has been upgraded to the newest version of TWiki. Note the new look and some new features! But same great space physics content.
  • 2012.05.12 - Congratulations to Robert Bruntz (now Dr. Robert) for graduating with his Ph.D! Robert is continuing with the group as a PostDoc for time being.
  • 2012.04.27 - Congratulations to Robert Bruntz, Elijah Murphy, Phu Nguyen, and Cheng Sheng for their 2011-2012 Department of Physics awards (more details on the Awards Page)
  • 2011.10.12 - Storms from the Sun Dr. Lopez's book is now freely available for download.
  • 2011.05.12 - Congratulations to Ximena Cid, Sophia Cockrell, Chris Lemon, and Robert Allen for graduating!
  • 2011.04.22 - Good luck to Ximena Cid, as she defends her PhD dissertation! (10:00 AM, in the Vis. Lab)
  • 2011.04.19 - Congratulations to Ximena Cid, Yanshi Huang, Sophia Cockrell, Robert Lord, and Bethany Hiller for their 2010-2011 Department of Physics awards (more details on the Awards Page)
  • 2011.04.15 - Robert Allen created an excellent page on using LaTeX
  • 2010.12.09 - Kevin's presentation on virtual machines is now on the 5 Minute Tutorials page
  • 2010.12.08 - the Lopez et al. paper on the magnetosheath force balance theory has been published, and a copy is available in the Journal Article Library (for our lab's use only)
  • 2010.12.08 - Robert Allen has created some very nice tutorials on a number of useful tasks, such as using the OMNIWeb website, using the CDAWeb website, locating the polar cap boundary, using the UT Dallas DMSP website, using SSH for remote login from Windows, using SSH for remote login from Linux/Mac/Unix, and a brief overview/introduction to Linux/Unix
  • 2010.06.18 - Congratulations to Dr. Betsey, who was hired for a Post-Doc position at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, in Greenbelt, Maryland; she will be launching from UTA in late August
  • 2010.06.10 - added a link to a really good Unix/Linux tutorial on the Operating Systems page (spoiler: here it is)
  • 2010.05.17 - Congratulations to all our graduates! Betsey (PhD), Ximena (Master's), Dustin (BS, summa cum laude), Crystal (BS, cum laude, McNair Scholar), Micah (summa cum laude), and Phyllis (BS)
  • 2010.05.10 - there is a new page with instructions for using the YrDayHr module in CISM-DX, including creating a caption with Simulation Time (ST)
  • 2010.04.22 - Congratulations to Dustin, Micah, and Sophia for their recognition by the College of Science for having a 3.5 or higher GPA! Congratulations to Crystal for being selected as a University Scholar!
  • 2010.04.19 - Congratulations to Betsey for successfully defending her PhD dissertation! (That's Dr. Betsey to you, now.)
  • 2010.04.02 - Annual awards: Congratulations to Shree for winning the Outstanding Physics Major award, to Micah for winning the R. Jack Marquis Scholarship, and to Robert Allen for winning the Keith W. Tompkins Scholarship! (The award ceremony is Thursday, April 8.)
  • 2010.03.18 - new Crosshair program for use on Windows computers
  • 2010.02.20 - we have a new Program Library page, for sharing programs we've written for research
  • 2010.01.20 - there is a new page for the 5 Minute Tutorials we will be doing this semester
  • 2010.01.14 - Dr. Deng won a prestigious NSF Career Award
  • 2009.12.01 - a new method for hacking CDAWeb making repeated CDAWeb searches easier
  • 2009.11.16 - Crystal was selected as a University Scholar! (award ceremony April 22 (?), 2010)
  • Betsey has won a GSRP fellowship! (No word yet on why she decided to become active in Indian politics.)
  • New page with some mini-tutorials on doing certain things in CISM-DX (here), including "Stepping through an HDF file, including the first and last frames" and "Create a grid in a DX image"
  • Cool and easy tool for taking screen captures in Linux: go to LinuxNotes and search for "ksnapshot"
  • New instructions on HowToAddAnImageToTheWiki (please add anything you think is missing or would be helpful, or ask Robert about things you'd like to see added or think are unclear)
  • New instructions on the HowToUse page about "Links within the wiki and to external pages" and "Limiting access to wiki pages"
  • Here's a new guide from SACNAS on "Writing an Effective Abstract" - based on the previous SACNAS presentation: SACNAS presentation guidelines and tools (videos, downloads, links - good stuff!)
  • Previous News and Updates

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